Our Impact

Much more than a company, we are a community of forward thinking individuals and it’s our goal to ensure that our vision of a healthier society is passed on, which is why we have an inbuilt impact creating structure. Below are a couple of things we’ve put in place to ensure our 

A Training School – In a bid to ensure that our technical know circulates and we have a healthier and empowered society, we’ve created a training school to equip individuals and Farmers on how to ensure they run not just a profitable livestock business but one that delivers premium quality. 

A distinct indigenously created feed – We understand the importance of nutrients,which is why we created a rich indigenous feed for our hen to ensure they are healthy and lay distinctly nutritious eggs. Funtuna eggs stand out; They are grade AA eggs, Golden yellow yolked, enriched with nutrients and have a firm albumen. 

A market for our feed buyers– Beyond selling, we ensure our customers make profit too by buying premium quality eggs from poultry farmers who understand the importance of nurturing their birds with our feed. 

A support system for SMES– For medium and small scale businesses we support them by not just empowering them through our training school but by patronizing them as well. 

A recycling mechanism – To show our care and commitment to a green environment and reduction of plastic waste, we have a mechanism in place that encourages people to return used Funtuna bottles which are then recycled and imported. Also our bird cages are uniquely created to ensure that animal waste can be packed and packaged as manure. 

Also, in line with our commitment to nourish and refresh Nigerians we have consistently served our customers with the distinct Golden yolked ,grade AA,low cholesterol, premium quality, nutrients enriched Funtuna eggs. We’ve also ensured that our water which is packaged and produced under the strictest/most compliant world class standards leave our customer refreshingly satisfied. We also contribute to the welfare of our environment by ensuring that all waste (animal/ bottle)  products are recycled.