We are reducing our environmental footprint

All are on a journey to reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact.

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How we will grow our ingredients in harmony with nature

It’s not enough that we simply protect nature, we need a path that puts nature, climate and people in synergy. Our new Regenerative Agriculture Principles will help us do just that.

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Our Brands

Funtuna Food and Bottling Company is a brand that’s synonymous with quality.

About Us

At Funtuna our primary goal is to deliver premium, healthy and distinct products. For every single step we take, we consider the well-being of our customers and consumers, as a brand we are big on serving you in the best way possible

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Our Process

Our poultry farm operations which is otherwise known as FUNTUNA farms is one of the best managed commercial replacement pullet rearing and egg laying operations in Nigeria with modern technology and equipment.

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We’ve created a training school to equip individuals and Farmers on how to ensure they run not just a profitable livestock business but one that delivers premium quality.

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