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Poll of the Week
1 Eggs can absorb flavours and smells from wherever they are stored?
2 White and Brown eggs have the same nutritional value?
3 You can cook an egg in its shell in the microwave
4 All of the protein found in the egg is contained in the egg white
5 Eggs contain the highest quality protein of any food
6 Egg yolks are one of a few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D
7 Because they are high in cholesterol, eggs, especially the yolk, should be avoided at all costs
World Egg Day
  World Egg Day

Funtuna Eggs Celebrates World Egg day on the 10th of October 2014
Benefits of Funtuna Eggs
  Round & Upstanding golden yellow yolk

 Rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which prevent age related macular eye degeneration in adults.
  Quick and Easy to Prepare

Delicious, healthy, heart warming benefits for you and your family

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