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     About Funtuna Eggs    
Funtuna Eggs are premium eggs which are packaged, marketed and sold under the brand Funtuna Life Eggs, a household name with notable presence in most parts of the country.

Funtuna Eggs are premium quality, low cholesterol eggs with firm dense albumen and raised golden yellow yolk indicating high carotenoid content, a substance which improves eye sight.

They are an 'EGG'cellent source of nutritious high quality protein for children and adults alike. The eggs are laid by birds fed with most nutritious feeds and kept in a most hygienic environment.

Funtuna Farms is a subsidiary of Animal Care Services Konsult, Nigeria Ltd, a leading livestock company in Nigeria.

Premium quality Funtuna life Eggs are produced by hens kept and managed in our bio-secured farms and are regularly tested and certified healthy at our state of the art world class laboratory. The hens are fed on our UNIQUE, naturally enhanced wholesome grain-based rations; and the eggs are designed for both children and adult alike.

Funtuna life Eggs are COMPARABLY HIGHER in terms of the value of their available and deliverable nutrients.

Special Features of Funtuna life Eggs

Funtuna life Eggs are packed with various benefits such as:

- Firm and dense albumen (egg white) with higher level of good quality proteins and choline for brain development in c 
   children and improved memory in adults.
- Raised golden yellow yolk – rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which prevent age related macular eye degeneration in adults.
- High level of vitamin E and selenium – beneficial antioxidants which boost immune system and improve skin health.    
- Longer shelf life.

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